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Coaching is a highly effective tool, a unique, flexible and tailor-made training method that can allow anyone to become fully aware of his own strengths and to identify the steps to be implemented in his improvement areas.
It is a collaboration between a Coach (facilitator of change) and a person (coachee) who wants to achieve important and significant objectives in professional or personal life.
The main goal of coaching is to offer new points of view, a new conversation, even inner, that allows to see the world through different “glasses” leading to a new reality. We do not offer answers, but we stimulate reflections, thoughts and actions to allow everyone to identify and achieve their own goals.
We use the Ontological Coaching method based on the outset that WE CREATE OUR REALITY.
This method acts on the language since this is not only descriptive but also generative of reality and shapes our future, promotes the change related to the ability of people to take concrete commitments by breaking with the constraints of the past.
The leading actor is therefore the coachee who must be the promoter and become “capable to responding” (acquire responsibility).
The main tools, according to the Ontological-Transformational Coaching, are the “linguistic distinctions’: the everyday words are given a new definition that encourage a change of perspective and action, they allow to acquire new skills and abilities and provide a different interpretation of reality.