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Recruiting process

The recruiting process starts by analyzing the company’s requirements. It is then adapted to the customer’s needs and ensures compliance, confidentiality and transparency both to the candidate and the customer.
Our goal is to identify candidates that, in addition to the necessary professional and technical skills, have features aligned with the values, culture and management philosophy of the customer.


  • Customer Analysis: organization, culture, industry, needs.
  • Acquisition of the role’s requirements  and drafting of Job Description.
  • Definition of the company’s target list  in order to start the exploratory investigation of possible professional profiles.
  • Definition of the best strategy  to achieve direct and confidential contact with potential candidates and entering online Job Postings.
  • CV screening  and selection process through interviews, which can be complemented on request by psychological and aptitude assessments integrated with technical insights and reference checks .
  • Report presentation and interviews organization with selected candidates (at least 3).
  • Selection and identification of “talents”.

The activity requires a time commitment estimated in 6-8 weeks during which the customer is constantly informed about the stages of the research according to the specific needs and requests.
The search and selection process ends only when the customer believes that the identified candidate entirely meets expectations.

In addition to the search and selection of qualified people, the consultant is often involved in the negotiation and definition of the offer to the candidate.